A lack of DIGITAL INTEGRATIONS can limit your business growth

Diving Deep into Digital Marketing
May 21, 2020
The stories are hidden in your business data
June 3, 2020

Digital natives. This is a term that can used to characterise the world’s youth or Generation Z to be specific. A group of humans born into a world filled with technology and the mere sight of something unbeknownst to them (such as an FM radio, typewriter or feature/dumb phone) sends them into a state of bewilderment in terms of our their predecessors were able to live and function in a world void of wifi.

However, despite a global median age of around 29-30 years there are many countries around the world with an aging population. Most of these ‘senior’ citizens find themselves crippled in a world wherein most services have been automated. Physical post mail is no longer delivered, but has been replaced by emails. The need to visit a shop or market has been commandeered by online stores; and cash money has almost been entirely replaced my tapping one’s bank card at till points.

The word digital has a different inclination for generations and personality types.

A few questions come to pass

  • How does the generational technology gap impact your business?
  • Is your business embracing the digital era?
  • Are you losing your competitive advantage through the lack of digital exposure?

Most enterprises struggle to scale. The approaches, perceptions, and understanding of managers of the digital workplace directly impact that.

Companies will differ in their technological needs. Depending on size and industry, marketing and IT teams will need to align all digital platforms successfully to supercharge business objectives without compromising the business model.

Staying ahead of the latest technology trends is key to stay competitive in today’s digitally-driven markets.

Here are four tips for setting up your business digitally for 2022 and beyond.

Build a digital ecosystem that integrates with all business units

Have a clear understanding of how digital platforms will benefit your business best. Assess which manual tasks should be automated and when considering setting up your workforce to work from home, your digital platforms have to accommodate this. Remember that not all platforms will be suitable for your business.

Accommodate all generations by your choice of technology

Get the buy-in from all employees about the benefits of the digital platforms you choose for your company.  Effective training on technology systems will make staff feel equipped and competent when using them.  Be aware of generational technology gaps and the different attitudes generations might have towards technology and adjust training accordingly. Choose software that is complex at the backend but easy to use for the least tech-savvy employee.

Diverse generational teams will determine the choice of tech systems

Do a digital audit

Be clear on whether all digital platforms in your company are aligned and how they integrate. A core digital strategy must drive websites, blogs, social media, digital advertising, online shops, landing pages, and SEO. Digital Audits can trigger business growth.

Know the worth of marketing automation

Marketing automation will lead you to new business growth, return on investment, big data, and data visualization. The detail emerging from your business data can be a guarantee of success.

Marketing automation intensifies marketing campaign results.

Next time we will explore the stories hidden in your business data.


Ps. Contact me for a free digital audit of your companies platform integrations

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