Strategic Sessions

We facilitate engaging and explorative strategic sessions to guide your team from business analysis to strategy crafting, alignment and execution. Strategies don't last forever. By introducing strategic development as standard practice in your business, it will continue to evolve, improve, grow, stay competitive, and ultimately achieve your goals.

Business Coaching and Team Development

Continuous professional and personal growth is at the core of success. We offer:
  • business-oriented skills improvement
  • leadership models and assessment and
  • self-development.
A healthy team is a productive team, and effective teams are a competitive force that will guarantee business growth. We help you strengthen your workforce.

Change Management

Change is perceived as unsettling in most circumstances. We guide individuals and business teams to prepare and execute organizational change by developing a structured approach to change, to safeguard a valuable transition while mitigating disruption.

Marketing Strategies

We help you to compile marketing strategies to keep your business competitive in your specific market and to increase sales. We design marketing campaigns to guarantee ROI and successful execution of campaigns. We also offer:

  • corporate identity and brand development.
  • product launches,
  • corporate events,
  • promotional items and gifts and
  • motivational speaking for teams.

Digital Platform Development

Our team has the solution to create a return on investment through
  • social media marketing, website design,
  • digital product development (including videos) and
  • digital platform alignment.

Sales and Marketing Training

Upskill your sales team with our in-house training module. We cover
  • the sales cycle,
  • sales tools,
  • recruiting customers,
  • handling resistance
  • closing deals, etc.
  • Your marketing team will benefit from topics like
  • your marketing mix
  • digital marketing trends
  • competitive advantages
  • contemporary marketing strategies and much more

"Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition. It’s not a matter of being better at what you do, it is a matter of being different at what you do." Michael Porter

  • Cheetah Lubbe
    Strategy Maker started consulting with Total Funeral Logistics in October 2019. Ever since she started, we could see a lot of direction and new aspirations taking place. She took it upon herself to challenge our staff and have a mind shift of what we are currently doing and where we can be with a few changes.
    Cheetah Lubbe
    Director: Total Funeral Logistics

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