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If you’re looking for an opportunity to develop not only yourself, but also your business; then it may be worth your while considering using a business coach. Similarly, team coaching is another valuable tool that can be used to equip team members with the abilities to manage the challenges and opportunities within a business. This collaborative effort between a professional coach, business owner, CEO and employees is aimed at developing a business both strategically and operationally.

A business coach serves as a professional mentor who supports, educates and motivates business owners. They provide recommendations for a company’s vision, growth and goals. Effective business coaches provide motivation but also implement and prioritise strategies to help businesses grow. This is achieved mostly by establishing clear channels of communication, a necessary building block in developing a positive workplace environment. Mentoring has been shown to build meaningful and lasting relationships that assists in strengthening the bonds within the workplace. Structured mentoring to both teams and their leaders is dependent on the goals of the organisation; and furthermore, guides and assists all members in realising greater self-confidence. As such, this increased confidence is positively correlated to improved work-performance and morale. The ability to identify and develop high potential employees is paramount to growth for both the employee and the business. By motivating and empowering individuals to excel, businesses will demonstrate its organisational commitment to human resource development; and in turn, assists in catapulting the business in achieving its organisational goals.

REASONS to consider a business coach

There are several reasons for the employment of business coaching due to the dynamism and obstacles faced in the workplace. Some of the common issues addressed within these sessions tackle challenges associated with both that of the business as well as the individual. Perhaps your business is undergoing a restructuring process resulting in associated inefficiencies, conflicts and unproductivity. Employee diversity and cultural differences are also noteworthy reasons to employ the services of a business coach as there may be a need to address how these can be resolved via meaningful dialogue. Effective businessand team coaching creates spaces that encourage trust amongst its participants and enable them to speak about matters of concern or opportunity. This creates a positive feedback loop wherein participants can gain insights into their peers and the business. As such team members and business leaders are provided with the opportunity to become highly competent by converting insights into meaningful action plans.

As each business boasts a bespoke mission statement and set of values, it is essential to consider the style of business coaching required. Democratic, authoritarian, holistic, autocratic and vision coaching are some of the most popular methods, however there are several others including hybrids of those mentioned above. Depending on the audience and the objective of each session, a business coach would have the ability to apply the above. These styles range from the business coach providing fixed directive and strategies; to greater member engagement by allowing them the opportunity to structure their own sessions dependent on the issues most relevant to them.

When considering employing the services of a business coach it is important you assess the why, for whom and when it is required. Business coaching for one is designed for key performers, business owners, senior management and founders. It helps to improve self-knowledge, self-awareness, leadership competencies and the growth of high impact skills. Business coaching may be most applicable in times when there’s a need to overcome challenges within the business or simply to realise professional competency.

The benefits of team coaching

Team coaching on the other hand, targets teams that are a group of professional individuals. It may seem like a necessity when there is a lack of trust, unresolved conflicts and low performance levels if a company has undergone big changes during a time of transition. The objective would revolve around resolving issues pertaining to performance, team dynamics and conflict resolution.

Coaching should be approached like any other strategic goal. Successful execution requires commitment from the organisation and the person being coached. There must also be a plan to obtain results and the willingness from the clients to participate in follow-up evaluation sessions. Essentially, coaching is a business relationship between the organisation, the coach and the person being coached. It must involve a tailored approach to fit the needs and circumstances of the specific client. Depending on the position of the person being coached and the purpose of the coaching, different approaches and styles should be considered.

As the world continues to embrace the era of remote working, professional networking will continue to become increasingly difficult. It is imperative that the social aspects of the work place not be understated as it is responsible for fostering cooperation and dialogue amongst team members. Reinforcing the social fabric of an organisation ultimately enables it to implement its strategy, achieve its goals and reach its overall potential.

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