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February 21, 2022
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As a small business owner you’ve given a lot of thought about how you’d like to develop your business. Depending on your product or service there are many platforms that could be utilised in order to position yourself as a contender in the market. Conventional marketing strategies have however lost some of its influence due to the impact of modern technological advances. Regardless of the size of your business, digital marketing is becoming ever more popular as a means of advertising your product or services to a larger audience.

When incorporated successfully into a business, digital marketing enables a small business owner to attract potential clients not usually accessible via print media. Due to the increasing rate of entrepreneurship, new businesses may easily find themselves swallowed up by the masses without having the chance to cement their brand amongst their desired target market. Despite the importance of print marketing and word of mouth, digital marketing is a more progressive step in ascertaining your business with the global market.

The benefits of digital marketing are expansive and enable a small business owner to achieve much more than they would have without it. Initially, many businesses start off with the creation of a website wherein they are able to market a multitude of information pertaining to their business. By providing information about the origin and members of a business, clients are able to build an association with the brand. This is as comparable to meeting and interacting with customers as you typically would in-store. This engagement fosters the ability to gauge the needs and wants of your clientele; valuable feedback that could assist you in modifying your current business plan. As there are no geographical borders across the internet, you could benefit from conversing with clients across the globe in a meaningful and timeously manner. This ‘personal touch’ will make customers feel as if they are more involved in the business and as such, develop a sense of brand loyalty.

Digital marketing comes with the added benefit that you’re able to determine how effectively your current marketing strategies are performing. This is done through the employment of data analytics. This easy and instantaneous tool analyzes which marketing methods are reaching the most number of customers the most effectively and efficiently. As such, a small business owner will be equipped to modify their approach so as to maximise the rewards. A restrained budget is another reason small businesses may feel that they would rather depend on ‘word of mouth’ to increase their customer base. This approach however, will ultimately prove counterproductive as a large proportion of the world has embraced the life of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Limiting oneself to traditional practices is not as profitable as it once was because the world currently values the benefits of multiple options and variety. Therefore, some level of adaptation to the current working environment is necessary in order to survive and prosper within this new era.

In addition to a website, many businesses have embraced social media and how it can serve to propel a business amongst customer bases previously unrealized. Popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn enable a small business to address different groups of people. These mediums for digital marketing come with the added benefits of being completely cost effective with the added ability of receiving immediate feedback from the people on those platforms. More so, your business will also be able to assess the products and services of competitors, and in turn tailor their products to meet the demands of clients.

Due to the increased frequency of fraudulent business practices, the legitimacy of a business is something that is often investigated by potential clients. Clients may disregard your business almost immediately if they are unable to locate you via the internet which could cause costs over the long term.

Communication is integral to our existence as humans; however the ability to communicate effectively and in a way that is understandable (and attractive) is perhaps the biggest challenge. Being receptive to your customers’ needs enables a business to market itself through mediums that are most favourable. Uploading pictures, video and blogs are all ways in which a business demonstrates who a specific product could be used or how a certain service could prove invaluable. Understanding the preferred mode of communication of your audience can assist you in conveying a message that can be absorbed in the most meaningful way possible.

Despite the ease of creating an online presence, you may find difficulty in being identified as the preferred choice. A typical search on Google can result in multiple businesses showing up before yours. Search engine optimization (SEO) can provide your business with a means of outranking a competitor when searched via Google. By selecting the correct keywords associated with your business you’re able to attract customers to your site as effortlessly as possible. Make sure that your contact details and descriptions of your offerings are as unambiguous as possible to avoid irritation. The latter may seem like an after-thought; however, it could prove costly if potential customers are unable to make inquiries.

It is clear to see that digital marketing provides several returns on investment and has identified itself as revolutionary in terms of the modern day business model. Luckily there is help available if you are interested in exploring it for your own business. By partnering with a reliable and well versed marketing practitioner you can realise your dreams for growth, customer inclusivity and overall business sustainability. If you are willing to admit to yourself that there is room for change through creativity then JB Strategy Maker might be a perfect match in assisting you in achieving your goals. At JB Strategy Maker you can expect to receive the relevant guidance and expertise when it comes to assisting you in setting up or reinvigorating your current digital marketing practices. Visit their website or request a consultation via phone (Tel:+27 83 274 5464) or email at Otherwise, check them out on YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

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